Projects About Us Publications Summer School 2009 

Finished projects:

3D Maze
3D maze, through which we can progress simply by moving our body. All the necessary information is gained from camera, which is observing us.

Bursting virtual bubbles has never been so much fun! The images from the camera are enriched with bubbles that need to be burst, in realtime.

Virtual Painter
A painter draws a new masterpiece with his hands by moving them through the air and imagines a painting in his mind - but the painting is being drawn on the virtual canvas anyway. Style? Impressionism! ;-)


Current & future projects:

We are currently working on iPhone platform and more computer-vision based games. More details comming soon, but here are some trailers:

iPhone application that locates selected person (fun application only ;-). Interesting stories, OpenGL animation, demonstration of IPhone SDK basics.

Simple iPhone OCR (Optical Character Recognition) test. Select an image and recognize the number in it. The system is invariant to translation, rotation and scale.